Jack-it Double Bike Carrier fits on trailer jack stand Like new

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Jack-IT double bike carrier
Jack-IT on trailer in mountains
Carry Your Bikes With Peace of Mind
Have you ever wished you could see your bikes from your rear-view mirror as you tow your travel or cargo trailer down the road? Now you can with the patented Jack-It double bike carrier from Let’s Go Aero. The Jack-It’s innovative frame design installs over the tongue jack on the trailers A-Frame, the softest riding area on the frame. The BikeWing carrier holds two bikes safely, securely and simply by the wheels. The adjustable wheel cradles and SwayStop straps secure the bike wheels to the bike carrier for a secure ride. The Jack-It allows travel trailer owners to utilize the valuable rear hitch/cargo space for additional gear and gives owners a new cargo utilization space.

Quick Facts
• Fits all bike frames

• Frees up travel trailer’s rear hitch/cargo area

• 25-pound total weight (Jack-IT)

• 80-pound total capacity

• Fits most A-Frame travel and cargo trailers

• Carries your bikes by the wheels for balance, stability and ease of use

• PowerTower frame protects tongue jack from impact

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