NEW PRICE $6500 USD's 1988 Suzuki Samurai..Maybe the best San Carlos car

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This vehicle has been for sale for too long. I don't think it is overpriced but others must think it so the price goes down until it sells. I bought this Samurai over a year ago because it was in good condition and had never been molested mechanically. It had some rattles and needed some TLC. Nothing major. I liked it so well I kept it for my own second car. I am a mechanic and I sorted out the squeeks, etc. It runs like a top and I would drive it anywhere, anytime. Everything works and performs as it should. Tires have about 3000 miles on them. Spare never on the ground. It does everything it should do and nothing it is not suppose to do. Nothing for the next owner to do but drive it. The things it needed have already been done. It also has a back seat in matching upholstery I just don't use it.

This is the one in US everyone is looking for. Most up north have been modified with larger motors and different suspension for rock crawling and racing etc. This one has never been touched other than maintenance. It has 92K miles. Most this age have 150K miles plus and beat to death.

If you can find them in good shape in US they go for $9000 and way above. Problem is the good ones don't make it to the for sale ads because people are always asking if they want to sell them.

I just brought down an older Toyota Tacoma that has been a family truck for 20 years. I gave it to my granddaughter for college and now she is done with it so I will use it for my San Carlos second car. Contact me at 253 210 1235 (US #) text phone or Whatsapp. as always if you have something to trade let me know and I will tell you if I am interested. I am not looking for overpriced items as a trade as I will turn around and sell it. I am here 12 month/yr. Ron Capper

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